My Top 10 Business & Travel Android Apps

9 total, 9 free (100%), 0 paid (0%), 23MB total size, $0 total price

  • Shush! Ringer Restorer : Wow! This is my MUST have android app. When you turn your ringer off this app turns it back on after the period of time you set. Simply amazing!
  • CamCard Lite – Business Card R : Take a picture of business card and this handy little app will read the text on the card and convert the image to a phone contact. The image of the card is also saved to phone address book. VERY handy little app. Text recognition is very solid and requires very few edits.
  • Google Voice : One word for Google Voice…AMAZING. GoogleVoice is one of the most powerful voice mail and call tools I’ve ever seen. Call screening, custom voice messages based on contact groups, DND feature and so much more. This app has full integration with the Google Voice website. You can make and receive calls from your GV number on your phone if you choose. Sync pushes voicemails directly to your phone when they are received AND transcribes them. Don’t want to use the Google Voice phone number? No worries, you can just use the voice mail feature. GV can replace your default voice mail service from Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon with Google Voice. That’s right; anyone that calls your regular phone number will roll to GoogleVoice. For more info checkout
  • Catch Notes : A great utility app that allows you to write notes on your Android phone or from and keep your notes synced in both places. I use it to jot down a note on the go or creating a shopping list from my computer then pull it up on my phone later. Also stores and syncs images. Great for snapping a white board at work then pull it up on my computer later. This is one of my must have Top 10 Android Apps.
  • E*TRADE Mobile Pro : E*TRADE Mobile is integrated with your online account. You can buy and sell with just a few clicks. Also provides real time quotes and news. You can also view, update, and track market information from the home screen widget without logging in.
  • Exchange for Android 2.x : I love my EVO, but the default Android email app just doesn’t cut it for the business user. Exchange for Android is by far the best Exchange email program I’ve found. All the features you’d expect, and then some. Select multiple, save settings, sync all or select folders, email signature, OoO control from your phone, accept and reject meetings, access Outlook contacts (from your personal account and corporate directory lookup), and multiple security settings including remote data disable and wipe. There are multiple outstanding desktop widgets too. Only works with MS Exchange, not Pop or IMAP accounts.
  • TripIt – Travel Organizer : I can’t live without this app. Just forward your travel confirmation emails to tripit and automatically pulls all of the vital information into tripit. It groups all of your information by date and creates full trip itineraries. Access your itineraries on your Android or go to from your PC. Reads hotels, flights, or rental cars from most any travel provider. If you use Gmail you can configure TripIt retrieve travel itineraries directly from your Gmail inbox automatically.
  • Taxi Magic : The must have app for business travelers! Hail a cab from your phone. Not only can you get a taxi to come to you, you can see exact which taxi has been dispatched, how far away it is, and pay with a credit card right from your phone! Only works in major metropolitan cities from participating companies, however it will still provide phone numbers in cities where direct booking does not work. I use this app frequently in Dallas and Atlanta.

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