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I posted all of my Apps here a few weeks ago and was told I had too many Apps. So here’s my Top 10 list of the best Android Apps. These my not necessarily what the “best”, but if I could only have 10 apps and could never change them it would probably be these. There are apps that I currently use more, but over time I know this Top 10 list will hold up over time. I loved Angry Birds, but I’m growing a little board after 2 million angry birds and pigs. Enjoy!

brad.nash’s Top 10 App List

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10 total, 8 free (80%), 2 paid (20%), 9MB total size, $4.71 total price

  • Catch Notes : A great utility app that allows you to write notes on your Android phone or from and keep your notes synced in both places. I use it to jot down a note on the go or creating a shopping list from my computer then pull it up on my phone later. Also stores and syncs images. Great for snapping a white board at work then pull it up on my computer later. This is one of my must have Top 10 Android Apps.
  • SMS Popup : I can’t believe this app isn’t default on the Android OS. Creates a pop-up anytime you receive an SMS text message. You can quick reply, view the SMS in the messages inbox, or delete all right from the pop-up. Multiple advanced settings that include turning the screen when the message arrives or require a swipe to view the message for privacy. Reminders can also be set to go off if a message is unviewed. NOTE: Don’t forget to turn off default SMS notifications in your Android phone settings.
  • Google Voice : One word for Google Voice…AMAZING. GoogleVoice is one of the most powerful voice mail and call tools I’ve ever seen. Call screening, custom voice messages based on contact groups, DND feature and so much more. This app has full integrataion with the Google Voice website. You can make and receive calls from your GV number on your phone if you choose. Sync pushes voicemails directly to your phone when they are received AND transcribes them. Don’t want to use the Google Voice phone number? No worries, you can just use the voice mail feature. GV can replace your default voice mail service from Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon with Google Voice. That’s right; anyone that calls your regular phone number will roll to GoogleVoice. For more info checkout
  • Smart Keyboard PRO : I don’t pay for too many Android apps, but this one is worth the $3. In my opinion this keyboard is so much easier to use and more powerful than any default keyboard I’ve seen…including HTC’s Swype. This keyboard has large easy to use keys, easy to read, and clean predictive typing display. Predictive typing gives a higher priority to the words you add to the custom dictionary. Also has a custom short cuts dictionary that allows you to turn shorthand into longhand via the predictive typing function. For example add ur=your, u=you, omw=on my way. Try it for free!
  • Brightness widget : I own the HTC EVO by Sprint, if you know anything about this phone you know the battery life can be challenging. This app adds hours of battery life to my phone. This is a quick simple desktop widget that has three brightness settings. You can cycle through your three custom settings with a quick click of the desktop widget. Dim-Bright-Brightest. Dim inside, bright inside near a window, or brightest when you’re outside. Each level is fully customizable to suit your style. A must have for battery hog large mobile displays.
  • Wheres My Droid : I would pay almost anything for this FREE Android app! So simple, it’s stupid. Text a secret code to your phone and this lovely little app cranks up the volume on your phone and sets off the ringer for a designated amount of time. That’s right, even if your phone is on mute or volume turned down. Never lose your phone again!
  • Taxi Magic : The must have app for business travelers! Hail a cab from your phone. Not only can you get a taxi to come to you, you can see exact which taxi has been dispatched, how far away it is, and pay with a credit card right from your phone! Only works in major metropolitan cities from participating companies, however it will still provide phone numbers in cities where direct booking does not work. I use this app frequently in Dallas and Atlanta.
  • Exchange for Android 2.x : I love my EVO, but the default Android email app just doesn’t cut it for the business user. Exchange for Android is by far the best Exchange email program I’ve found. All the features you’d expect, and then some. Select multiple, save settings, sync all or select folders, email signature, OoO control from your phone, accept and reject meetings, access Outlook contacts (from your personal account and corporate directory lookup), and multiple security settings including remote data disable and wipe. There are multiple outstanding desktop widgets too. Only works with MS Exchange, not Pop or IMAP accounts.
  • BetterCut : The iPhone OS doesn’t hold a candle to the Android OS, but there’s still room for improvement. And this little widget editor takes my mobile android to the next level. Android 2.x lets you add direct dial short cuts to the desktop, but BetterCut does it…well, better. I couldn’t live without the ability to select a custom icon and label for my direct dial and direct SMS short cuts. The default short cuts us the same icons and don’t include labels which is confusing. Also allows you to change the icons of application shortcuts. Lots of other shortcuts too. Worth a couple of bucks to me.
  • Gesture Search : I’ve ditch my phone book. One quick tap on the desktop and a few swipes of my finger on screen and I’ve got the right contact at my fingertips. Custom settings allow you to search for apps, music, bookmarks and more. This must have app saves me so much time. It was developed by Google and not sure why it’s not default on every Android? It works so well, but currently only works with search. I’m hoping they bring have the option of using this instead of a keyboard soon!

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